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Lower Division

Inspiring curiosity and engaging young minds

Great Works

Extensive reading + intensive making

In our Great Works core curriculum, students read carefully paired texts from the humanities and sciences while completing hands-on projects linked to year-long themes. Teachers challenge students to apply ideas from their weekly readings to real-world problems and execute projects that require research, experimentation, and making. The program’s title refers not only to the texts students read, but also to the great works they produce.

Flexible learning, online and off

Daily, hands-on learning scaffolded by quality online interaction
Rather than spending their day in front of a screen, Avenues Online students benefit from a number of high-quality, interactive sessions with their cohort and teachers each day: just enough synchronous screen time for them to feel supported and motivated to work on their projects offline.

World Languages

Small-group instruction in Mandarin or Spanish
Beginning in the Small World program for two-year-olds, students pursue either Mandarin or Spanish (depending on their preference) in four live and interactive language classes each week. Small class sizes guarantee plenty of time to interact with peers and teachers; independent work assignments ensure that gains made during class are consolidated offline.


Optional in-person instruction for the early years
Avenues@HOME is a bespoke education offering for families with young children (toddler through 5th grade). With Avenues@HOME, world-class online instruction is complemented by an Avenues teacher who comes to your home and works one-on-one with your child(ren). @HOME teachers are assigned exclusively to their families—i.e., one @HOME teacher per family—and trained to observe rigorous hygiene practices in order to minimize health risks to themselves and your family.
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