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World Language Teacher (Global Passport Program for grades 6-12)

Online (any location)
Avenues Online

Position: Global Passport Teacher (Grades 3-12)

Language Teacher for: Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Korean, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, and many others. 

Location: Anywhere (Remote work). Need to have availability to teach during morning or afternoon Eastern Standard Time (UTC -05)

Compensation: Semester contract based on teaching load

Start Date: Ongoing



There is no place quite like Avenues. We are a network of campuses around the world that offers a truly global education in New York City, São Paulo, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, and expanding to the world’s leading cities in the next decades. Avenues Online is our everywhere campus. With these interconnected campuses Avenues is uniquely positioned to develop world-wise leaders equipped to face and solve the future's complex global challenges.


Our mission is to equip young people to understand and solve global-scale problems. This is the core of why we teach our students a second language. Because of that mission, language learning in Avenues Online has some distinguishing features. 1) Our curriculum is rooted in task-based learning and teaching. We use authentic language tasks to structure teaching and practice activities. 2) We have selected tasks and topics that are uniquely relevant to global-scale problems. That means less learning about clothes shopping and more learning for cultural understanding. 3) Classes a small group of 1-6 students. This enables significant differentiation as well as peer-to-peer activities and learning.


The Avenues Online Global Passport program utilizes a variety of online and offline tools to ensure students’ holistic language development.  The Avenues Online platform provides students with the resources to learn though authentic, real-world projects outside of class. Classes focus on feedback, clarifying instruction, and language production.

More specifically, as a Global Passport teacher you will…

  • Ensure students achieve key learning outcomes by adapting online instruction to address individual student needs
  • Curate rich instructional materials to use online with the Global Passport curriculum
  • Use the Avenues Platform to assign and provide feedback on student work
  • Assess student learning and communicate progress to colleagues and families
  • Contribute to developing an online community that establishes high standards, fosters a sense of belonging, and upholds our core values of welcome, safety, and respect


This is an exciting opportunity for a language instructor who wants a combination of support and geographic flexibility. You will bring all or most of the following: 

  • Online teaching experience with both groups and individuals
  • Deep knowledge of, and passion for, the language and culture that you will be teaching
  • Expertise in task-based instruction for communication and project-based language learning
  • Native, or near-native, proficiency in the language of instruction
  • Familiarity with common online tools such as Google docs, Zoom, etc.
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility for the success of every student


Please be sure to read about Avenues Online and consider if we are a good fit for you: https://www.avenues.org/aon/

Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website at http://www.avenues.org/en/careers/. Please include your CV. Instead of the cover letter, please provide thoughtful answers to the questions on the application page.

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