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Analyst, Strategy and Campus Development

New York, New York
Strategy & Campus Development

Analyst, Strategy and Campus Development

Location: Avenues HQ in New York, NY; or can be based remotely

Fall 2021



The Analyst position leads Avenues' research and analysis for new campuses in many of the world's great cities and helps to bring these new campus development projects to fruition. This role directly impacts the decisions of where Avenues opens new campuses, bringing innovative, global education to students and families from Silicon Valley to London to Hong Kong.  

The Strategy and Campus Development team assesses new strategic and financial opportunities, consisting of new global campuses, evaluation of financing alternatives and sources of capital, expansion initiatives at existing Avenues’ campuses and additional product offerings and extensions. We study investment rationale, strategic fit, market dynamics, potential enrollment, real estate, operations, financial impact and returns for prospective campuses in major cities across the world, and, once attractive opportunities have been uncovered, help to conduct due diligence, execute upon and fund these projects. The team’s insights shape global investment decisions and are essential to Avenues' growth, profitability, and impact. 


Avenues: The World School (www.avenues.org)is a global network of interconnected and interdependent campuses, serving more than 3,200 students from ages 2 to 18, in the world’s leading cities. The vision of Avenues is to develop an innovative, new type and next-generation of school – a world school – and to create the most valuable and prestigious network of global schools in the world. Avenues has created a highly-integrated learning community, connected and supported by a common mission and vision, an innovative, “glocal” curriculum, best-in-class faculty, a worldwide admissions platform, a tech-enabled learning environment and a highly-talented global leadership team. In addition to its existing campuses in New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen and Online, Avenues is actively developing campuses in other leading cities, including Silicon Valley, London, Miami, Shanghai and Hong Kong.  

Another aspect that makes Avenues unique is that we have an internal R&D department that is constantly assessing our impact and identifying game-changing and cutting edge ways to expand our footprint. Over the last several years, the Strategy team has partnered with the R&D team to launch our Small World program (for toddlers), Avenues Online and Avenues Studio.


At Avenues, we rigorously assess new campus opportunities to ensure that we are identifying the highest-potential markets that will allow us to live out our mission and generate great financial and academic returns. This means you will:

  • Become the go-to expert in the markets you are responsible for: What are the dynamics of the educational landscape? What are the potential competitor schools and what are their value propositions compared to Avenues? What do parents deeply care about? What are the educational standards and how do they align to Avenues mission? What is the school licensing process? What is our ability to recruit effective talent and what will that cost? What is happening on a macroeconomic level that could affect a potential campus?  How are the demographics of the market shifting? 
  • Translate that market knowledge into data-based and nuanced financial assumptions:
    • What student enrollment can we expect? What are the drivers that will impact enrollment? What is our pricing strategy in this market? 
    • What are the key cost drivers?
    • What capital investment will be required?
  • Build detailed and flexible financial models for each opportunity: What are expected returns? What specific assumptions most highly drive value? What are important scenarios that we should evaluate?
  • Evaluate specific real estate opportunities:How does each potential location change the financial profile of a campus? What are the key characteristics of our physical campus that are most important?  What does this imply for negotiations with potential partners and co-investors?  
  • Develop greenlight recommendations to senior leaders:Is this an attractive market and does it support an investment from Avenues? How do the various opportunities in that market stack up against each other? What are the key risks and how could we mitigate?  
  • Post greenlight, work with the campus team and key functional leaders to ensure a successful launch:How should we set initial tuition? How do we refine compensation assumptions? How do we best finance the new campus investment? 


  • You are energized by Avenues’ mission and its opportunity for global impact on education.
  • Motivated to develop strong financial modeling skills – you enjoy critically examining data, developing solid logic flows and drawing conclusions from the numbers. 
  • You thrive in the “gray area” – for you, ambiguous situations are opportunities to bring your keen analytical and problem-solving approach to create clarity and develop new solutions.
  • You love learning – you are intellectually curious, you always want to understand the “why” behind a situation and seek opportunities to further your growth.
  • You own your work – you ensure that nothing leaves your hands without your stamp of approval and you have great attention-to-detail and a high bar for quality.
  • You are a great teammate – you enjoy collaborating with, and learning from, others, and you prioritize what’s best for the team.
  • You can keep track of multiple, complex workstreams and achieve results.
  • Change doesn’t throw you off-balance - you are flexible, nimble and can pivot quickly when necessary.

  • You have excellent communication and presentation skills, conveying key information concisely and logically – your formal communications are “executive-ready”.
  • You are in the Class of 2019, 2020 or 2021, with a well-rounded set of qualifications and experiences.
  • You have internship and/or work experience in Finance, Accounting, Consulting or Education. 


Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website athttp://www.avenues.org/en/careers/. Please make sure to include a thoughtful cover letter with your application. 


Avenues is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our organization. We strive to uphold a culture in which every colleague feels that they belong, are trusted, and are valued. We welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds, and strongly encourage candidates from traditionally underrepresented communities or groups to apply. Avenues offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package.

Avenues upholds the highest standards for safeguarding the physical and emotional wellbeing of children. As an essential aspect of this commitment, all offers are contingent upon successful completion of careful reference and background checks.

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