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World Course and Portuguese Teacher - SP Primary Division

São Paulo, Brazil
Primary Division (São Paulo)

Position: Portuguese and World Course Teacher, Grades 2-5

Location: São Paulo, SP, Brazil

Start Date: January, 2022



Begin by thinking Avenues New York, Avenues São Paulo, Avenues Shenzhen, Avenues Silicon Valley, Avenues London. Think of Avenues as one international school with multiple interconnected campuses, offering a trulyglobal education. It will not be a collection of different schools all pursuing different educational strategies, but rather one highly integrated learning community, connected and supported by a common vision, a shared education design and curriculum, world-class technology and a talented headquarters team in New York City.

Avenues prepares students for engaged global citizenship in the twenty-first century, with an approach that combines language immersion, interdisciplinary teaching, a global curriculum, and a culture of creativity and deep collaboration.


Collaboration here isn't a buzzword: it's woven into everything we do. Teams of teachers collaborate to nurture their students' social, emotional and academic growth. Teacher teams share responsibility for the curriculum and plan together daily. This intense collaboration is challenging as well as exciting: we're always evolving, learning from each other and seeking to improve.


Avenues students will graduatefluent in a second languageand at ease beyond their borders. To this end, in grades N-K students will be in a full English immersion program and from grades 2-5, Portuguese will take on a prominent place in the classroom. In 1st grade there is an introduction to Portuguese language through literature and culture. 


At Avenues, Brazilian history and geography are part of the World Course, whose goal is to develop empathetic, engaged members of their communities. World Course teachers also work closely with class teachers and other specialists (like library, art and science teachers) to design interdisciplinary learning experiences. You will also: 

  • Develop and teach a World Course curriculum in Portuguese that explores Brazilian social studies topics while engaging all learners in meaningful, interesting work.
  • Develop and teach a Portuguese workshop curriculum that aligns with workshop teaching of reading and writing in English whilst conforming to the BNCC outcomes.
  • Ensure that all students achieve key learning outcomes, targeting instruction to address individual needs.
  • Build a robust learning atmosphere that leads students to value being at school and feel part of a rigorous but joyful learning community.
  • Collaborate intensively with colleagues to continually improve student learning and alignment between Portuguese and English instruction.  
  • Deeply connect with students and vigorously uphold a culture of welcome, safety and respect.
  • Inspire trust and confidence among parents and families.


  • Deep knowledge of Portuguese literature, grammar and writing as well as Brazilian history, geography, and social studies.
  • Understanding of teaching through a balanced literacy and workshop approach.
  • Understanding of active methodologies to engage in Project-Based Learning.
  • Highly effective collaborator, eager to listen deeply, contribute to a team and achieve goals together.
  • Deep dedication to learning and developing as an educator.
  • Very resourceful and adaptive, eager to embrace constant change, growth and learning.
  • English proficiency sufficient to engage in meaningful professional learning and collaboration with monolingual English-speaking colleagues.


Please read first about Avenues: The World School and our distinctive approach, and consider whether our mission and approach would be a good fit for you:www.avenues.org/sp.

Apply through the Careers section of our website athttp://www.avenues.org/en/careers/. Be sure to include a letter of application, in English, in which you thoughtfully explain why you believe that this role at Avenues São Paulo would be an excellent match for your experience, skills and passions.

Avenues offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. Avenues is committed to diversity among our staff, and applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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