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High Intensity Practice (HIP) Math

São Paulo, Brazil
Secondary Division (São Paulo)

Job Title: High Intensity Practice (HIP) Math

Location:São Paulo

Start Date:July 2022



A top-tier school offering a trulyglobal educationopened in São Paulo in August 2018 and will be expanding to other global cities in coming years. Teaching and learning through language immersion in English and challenging interdisciplinary projects. A culture of creativity, entrepreneurship and deep collaboration. State-of-the-art technology throughout. Brilliant colleagues, with widely diverse experience, creating a unique educational experience together. Unparalleled possibilities for professional learning and development prospects around the globe. There is no place quite like Avenues.



Collaboration here isn't a buzzword: it's woven into everything we do. No one teaches on an island here. Substantial time to collaborate is embedded into the schedule. Teacher teams, across multiple disciplines, design learning experiences together for a whole grade level. This intensity of collaboration is challenging as well as exciting: we're always evolving, learning from each other and seeking to improve.



High Intensity Practice Thinkingis an innovative program unique to Avenues that focuses on developing students’ executive functions. It is based on the simple premise that if you practice a skill with high frequency, and with targeted feedback, you will get better at this skill. This is true for music, this is true for sports, and this is also true for thinking. We practice these thinking skills through two approaches: writing prompts and mathematical problem solving.

Effective HIP teachers build a classroom culture that values and celebrates the process - not product - of thinking; encourages experimentation and sustained attention; and stays laser focused on the mission of the program. Our HIP Thinking Through Math teachers help their students to develop creativity, critical thinking, mental agility, metacognition and other executive function skills through group problem solving, logic problems, and puzzles, regular student reflection, and teacher feedback.  Every HIP class is centered on sustaining 30-35 minutes of engaged practice in mathematical problem solving and reasoning. The job involves regular collaboration with the HIP teaching team to develop creative challenges and provide students with timely and targeted feedback on how they can maximize their application of the strategies that they learned in the classroom in order to transfer those skills to their learning inside and outside of school.

We are seeking a HIP Thinking through Math candidate with a creative background who can help students to see how logic, reasoning, and problem solving can both support their growth as math learners and transfer beyond the classroom to real-world applications.  You should be skilled at looking at student work and providing kind, specific, helpful feedback to help students grow in their thinking process. Fostering a culture of growth-mindset in the classroom through engaging challenges that inspire students to think divergently, creatively, and reflectively is a core aspect of the job, and you will bring enthusiasm for mathematical problem solving to the classroom.

You will also:

  • Ensure that students achieve key learning outcomes, targeting instruction thoughtfully to address individual needs
  • Build a robust learning atmosphere that leads students to feel part of a rigorous and joyful learning community
  • Collaborate intensively with colleagues to develop projects and continually deepen student learning
  • Inspire trust and confidence among parents and families
  • Adopt an innovative mindset in terms of what to reinforce in a student's development of thinking skills. 



Avenues HIP teachers come from a variety of backgrounds, and bring all or most of the following:

  • Demonstration of strong abilities in logical thinking of their own
  • A remarkable entrepreneurial drive, creativity, and ability to bring new ideas to fruition
  • Intellectual curiosity and humility to self-reflect, welcome feedback, and grow in teaching practice
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility for the success of every student



Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website (http://www.avenues.org/en/careers/).

All interested HIP Math candidates, please specifically reference which elements of the HIP programthat appeal to you in your cover letter.

Avenues is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to diversity among our staff. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.



Avenues is neither a local school, nor an international school - we are a world school. We value and are respectful of the diversity of languages, race, gender and culture which is reflected amongst our staff. Our hiring reflects action for equal opportunity for all while appreciating that local context influences our focus for greater representation of racial diversity on our campus. We aim to interconnect different views and voices as we develop students to be world wise leaders.

In your resume you may choose to declare your race, gender or any other identity that represents yourself if you wish.
Avenues upholds the highest standards for safeguarding the physical and emotional wellbeing of children. As an essential aspect of this commitment, all offers are contingent upon successful completion of careful reference and background checks.

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