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Lower Division : Toddler – Grade 5

The Lower Division at Avenues connects children around the globe so they develop an authentic sense of engagement with the world around them and a sense of agency to build a better future.

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Great Works is an interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum that pulls students away from screens to engage in hands-on learning. Students complete projects that combine reading, social studies, science, math, and art and inspire them to make connections to their community and environment, wherever they may be in the world. Developmentally appropriate texts — picture books for emerging readers and chapter books for experienced ones — complement each project. These “great books” place projects in global context and fuel a love of reading.

Units encourage curiosity and creativity while paying rigorous attention to building foundational skills. Focused instruction takes place in literacy with targeted practice in reading, writing, and phonics. A problem-based math curriculum develops sophisticated numeracy skills through lessons and problems that highlight the presence of math in daily life.

Beginning in grade 3, students select from 50 world languages and complete a task-based curriculum which accelerates learning by emphasizing functional fluency. Physical education sessions round out student schedules.

Flexible Scheduling

Students dedicate 4 – 6 hours per day on focused school work. This includes about two hours per day in synchronous sessions with teachers and classmates. These sessions are active and participatory to support the development of academic and social skills and to build relationships with teachers and peers.

Student Life

Students build relationships with their classmates in daily cohort meetings and participate in teacher-facilitated activities like clubs, "hang out" spaces, and lunch groups to socialize and make friends. Weekly community meetings showcase student talents, organize service projects, and host celebrations that nurture a sense of belonging.

Welcome, Safety, Respect

Our ​​student body represents a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We encourage students to discover commonalities with their classmates and celebrate the differences that make our community diverse and unique. Our core values of Welcome, Safety, Respect are the foundation of our school culture and guide how we treat each other as a community.

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