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Avenues Online

Still accepting applications in grades 4-10 for 2020-21

Avenues Online is setting a new standard for online education with a unique project-based curriculum, daily interaction with world-class faculty, synchronous and asynchronous enrollment options, expert college counseling support, and access to Avenues’ global network of brick-and-mortar campuses and learning experiences.


Intensive reading + extensive making

In our Great Works core curriculum, students read carefully paired texts from the humanities and sciences while completing highly engaging projects linked to year-long themes. Teachers challenge students to apply ideas from their weekly readings to real-world problems and execute projects that require research, experimentation, and making. The program’s title refers not only to the texts students read, but to the great works they produce


Discussion- and problem-based math at a virtual round table

Based on the premise that learning mathematics is an active, participatory enterprise, the Math Inquiry program replicates the discussion-based mathematics taught at our brick-and-mortar campuses. The curriculum is based on materials created by Phillips Exeter Academy, adapted for our unique online interface to create authentic learning experiences in mathematics.


Broad-based competency in multiple world languages

The Global Passport curriculum focuses on task-based language learning and enables students to choose from over 40 languages of study--from Mandarin to Malay, from Spanish to Swahili, from Portuguese to Punjabi.


Developing elegant writers and effective communicators

Because a solid grounding in writing mechanics and style is crucial to success in school and beyond, Avenues Online has developed an intensive multi-year Writing Immersion Program (WIP). The program breaks writing down into its discrete elements, allowing students to make steady progress towards becoming clear, concise and compelling writers.


An innovative program to build essential thinking skills through persistent practice

Based on the idea that the best way to cultivate lifelong skills is to spend deliberate time practicing with expert guidance, Avenues developed the High Intensity Practice (HIP) program for students in the Secondary Division. In 20 minute bursts of creative and analytical freedom, students cultivate essential thinking skills—mental agility, empathy, creativity, and critical thinking— through persistent practice.


Live and interactive training and conditioning sessions

In partnership with LIFT Session, students develop their strength, endurance and flexibility in live interactive exercise sessions run by world-class fitness coaches. Sessions are 30-minutes and require no special exercise equipment. With choices such as yoga, high intensity interval training, cardio blast and metabolic conditioning, we nurture healthy bodies as well as healthy minds.


Combine online and offline learning experiences at Avenues’ brick-and-mortar campuses

Avenues’ global admissions policy means that a student admitted to one Avenues campus is admitted to all. Online students regularly plan to spend time at one or more of our brick-and-mortar locations in New York, Sao Paulo, and Shenzhen.

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