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Upper Division

Rigorous academics, flexible scheduling

Great Works

Extensive reading + intensive making

Math Inquiry

Discussion-based math at a virtual round table
Based on the premise that learning mathematics is an active, participatory enterprise, the Math Inquiry program brings the discussion-based mathematics taught at our brick-and-mortar campuses online. The curriculum is based on materials created by Phillips Exeter Academy, adapted for our unique online interface to create challenging and authentic learning experiences in mathematics.

Global Passport

Broad-based competency in multiple world languages
The Global Passport curriculum focuses on task-based language learning, allowing students to move beyond language acquisition to practical language application. Students can choose from over 50 languages of study—from Mandarin to Malay, from Spanish to Swahili, from Portuguese to Punjabi. Classes are conducted online in small groups or in private one-on-one sessions.

Writing Immersion Program

Developing eloquent writers and effective communicators
In the Writing Immersion Program (WIP), students cultivate the foundational writing and communication skills upon which all their future endeavors will be built. WIP focuses squarely on the mechanics of exceptional written communication, breaking down good writing into its constituent parts: sentence structure, punctuation, rhetorical devices and so on.

High Intensity Practice

Cultivating mental agility, empathy, creativity and critical thinking

The Deans Program

Personalized support and expert college counseling from a trusted mentor
Through the Deans Program, we provide students at all our campuses with personalized support through the social and physical changes of adolescence. The deans at Avenues are full-time mentors whose sole responsibility is the social-emotional wellbeing and academic success of their students. Working closely with faculty and acting as a point of contact for parents, deans ensure that students are fully supported and appropriately challenged at school. Avenues Online students meet with their deans both one-on-one and in small sections.


Preparing for the journey ahead
Graduates of Avenues Online receive a high school diploma from Avenues: The World School and are invited to attend commencement at Avenues’ campuses. Our graduates are attending leading colleges and universities, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, Williams, Pomona, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, University of Virginia, McGill and the University of Edinburgh.
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