A Letter from Ty Tingley

Welcome to Avenues Online

Dear Students and Families,

Ty Tingley

AON is the online extension of Avenues: The World School, a school created to educate worldwise leaders at multiple campuses across the globe. With campuses in New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen, and other campuses in development, the opening of Avenues Online marks the beginning of the first Avenues campus in cyberspace.

How will an online school be different from the brick and mortar institutions with which you’re familiar? I’ve spent the last 30 years as the head of four schools, including The Blake School in Minnesota and Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire, and as one of the founding heads of Avenues New York. Despite the many joys of a brick and mortar campus, none can match the freedom of the online experience. Avenues Online gives you the opportunity to engage in a rigorous college preparatory program from any place on earth that has Internet connectivity.

The Avenues Online curriculum is a rigorous series of complex problems built on the foundation of our “Great Works” curriculum. You may be familiar with the “great books” curricula that a number of colleges and universities follow. Avenues’ “Great Works” combine a carefully curated reading list of texts from the humanities and sciences with a challenging set of problems that ground the great ideas proposed in the texts with their practical application in every area of study.

If school sometimes moves too slowly to satisfy your curiosity, Avenues Online will excite your intellect and prepare you like no other academic experience for challenging higher education.

Many early efforts to create online schools suffered from the physical isolation that is a natural companion to working online. Avenues Online challenges that traditional isolation. AON students are all members of study teams that work cooperatively on projects, and every student has one-on-one time with instructors each week. And since Avenues: The World School is designed to be “one school with many campuses,” all AON students are encouraged to engage with our regional campuses. For some students that may mean joining a campus-based math club or working on an international student newspaper published by all our online campuses; for others it may mean participating in a real commencement ceremony. Explore our website to see more of the ways in which Avenues Online can further your educational growth.

Ty Tingley
Co-Head of School
Avenues Online

Ty Tingley is among the most recognized and accomplished heads of school in America, having led Phillips Exeter Academy as principal for 12 years and before that, The Blake School in Minneapolis, a day school of 1,200 students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 on three campuses. Both Exeter and Blake are noted for their academic excellence, quality of faculty and college and university placement. After four years as co-head of Avenues New York, he became chief academic officer, responsible for the education team that supports the Avenues campuses.

Ty received his undergraduate training at Harvard College and his M.Ed. and Ed.D. degrees from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He began his career as an English teacher.

Deeply committed to elementary and secondary education, Ty has served as president of the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools, the Minnesota Association of Independent Schools and School Year Abroad, as well as being a director of the National Association of Independent Schools and president of the Headmasters Association. He has served as trustee of numerous educational and cultural organizations and is a current trustee of United World College—USA and the Edward E. Ford Foundation.