AON Admissions, Tuition, and Calendar

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Avenues is building a global network of campuses in major cities around the world, united by a common mission, shared curriculum and collective professional development. Consistent with this, Avenues campuses share a set of global admission standards: a student admitted to one Avenues campus is admitted to all.

Providing an education centered on global preparedness, second language acquisition and interdisciplinary study, Avenues seeks to develop future world-wise leaders uniquely equipped to understand and solve global-scale problems.


$30,000 (USD)

The tuition for Avenues Online is USD $30,000, which includes the cost of books, materials, technology (Apple MacBook Air, iPad, and Pencil), software, and service subscriptions. Avenues provides indexed tuition for families with household incomes of less than USD $200,000 and family assets valued at less than USD $1,000,000. Household Income is defined as the total income from all sources (before any deductions) of those living in the household. Family assets refer to all cash, property, securities, trust funds, etc. The table below presents examples of indexed tuition for a range of household incomes.

Annual Household Income (USD) Annual Indexed Tuition (USD)
$50,000 $7,500
$60,000 $9,000
$70,000 $10,500
$80,000 $12,000
$90,000 $13,500
$100,000 $15,000
$110,000 $16,500
$120,000 $18,000
$130,000 $19,500
$140,000 $21,000
$150,000 $22,500
$160,000 $24,000
$170,000 $25,500
$180,000 $27,000
$190,000 $28,500


For Avenues Online, the regular school year starts in mid-August and concludes in early June. In the fall, we schedule two vacations—a week in early October and a week for Thanksgiving (U.S.). Students also receive a three-week break over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. The second semester begins in January and runs through early June, with a two-week break at the end of March. Students in grades 9-12 participate in a capstone term in May/June.

An optional six-week summer term begins in July and runs through mid-August.

Avenues Online does not observe traditional religious or U.S. federal holidays. These include, but are not limited to, Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, Eid, Ramadan, Veterans’ Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Lunar New Year, Passover, Presidents’ Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. Students who wish to observe religious holidays may do so, with the prior approval of their advisors or Avenues Online administrators.

However, Avenues Online does include several breaks that are traditional for independent schools: a week off at Thanksgiving (U.S.), three weeks off over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, and two weeks of spring break.

2019–20 Academic Year Calendar

Application Deadline June 1
New Student Orientation / Tech Intro Aug 14–16
First Day of School Aug 19
Fall Break Oct 5–13
November Break Nov 23–Dec 1
Last Day Semester 1 Dec 20
Winter Break Dec 21–Jan 12
New Student Orientation / Tech Intro Jan 6–10
First Day Semester 2 Jan 13
ISA Exam (Grades 6–10) Early to Mid-February
Spring Break March 14–29
Last Day Semester 2 May 15
Start of Capstones May 18
Graduation June 3
Last Day of Capstones / End of Year June 11


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